Bandol grape varieties
fully flourish in our estate

Bandol region

In terms of grape varieties, Mourvèdre, the sign of the excellence of Bandol wine, is ever-present in red wine, to which more than half of the site is dedicated.

Mixed with 10% of Grenache, this late-ripening, rich and strong grape variety gives a unique aromatic taste and offers ecxceptionnal ageing potential.

It is also the base for rosé, along with Grenache. It allows, combined with ageing in barrels – for small quantities – to slowly become a rosé of high quality.

A unique & remarkable exposure

The desire to leave our comfort zone is shown with white wine, which here represents 15% of the production, when the average of the appellation is 5%.

La Clairette gives it all its fine quality regarding as much for Bandol – associated with Bourboulenc and a touch of Rolle, as for Reppe – associated with Ugni Blanc.

A particular merit needs to be given to Carignan, a red wine which is better when it is given time to mature! An outstanding example of this is La Reppe, of which the base is 70%, along with Mourvèdre and Cinsault.

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